About Us

Persatuan Sindrom Down Negeri Johor


Our aim

To develop a non-profit organisation to help the Down Syndrome children.

Our aim is to create and pervade the awareness regarding the integration of individuals with Down syndrome into the society. We hope to assist and educate individuals with Down syndrome to enable them to become more independent adults who could lead meaningful lives.


Who we are

We started as a small support group of parents who sent their children to Kiwanis’s Early Intervention Centre. With guidance and support from the Kiwanis members and teachers, we started to form our society, Down Syndrome Society of Johor. We are the first association created specifically to support the cause of individuals with Down syndrome established at the state level. Following from the success of this organization, there are now currently 8 such State-level associations in Malaysia.


Our mission

Our mission is to uncover the talent and to optimize the potential of individuals with Down syndrome through education and holistic support, and to work seamlessly with all parties to achieve this end.


Our motto

"Because of LOVE, We Forge Ahead Together"


What we do

At the Association of Down Syndrome Johor, we continuously strive to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome through various initiatives and activities. The core of everything we do is providing help to our members and all those who surround people with Down syndrome, their families, carers and other relevant professionals.

We established PLAK (Program Latihan Asas Kerjaya), a basic vocational skills training centre in 2007 in order to equip children and teenagers with Down syndrome with skills which will help them in finding a job in future. It has been a success, as we have witnessed marked achievements among the participants of these programs.

Following on the success of PLAK, we are establishing a Career Centre for Down Syndrome (CCENDS) in 2010, which we hope will provide further career training as well as job opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome. It is our hope that these special people will one day be full-fledged members of the society who could stand on their own two feet with minimal support.